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Garden Club Meeting – August 18th

Our August meeting scheduled for Thursday, the 17th at the Ajax Legion Hall, 111 Hunt St. Ajax. The doors will open at 6:45, the meeting will start promptly at 7:30. If you have items to show please be sure they are in place as soon after 7pm as possible. Judging is to begin at 7:15 sharp.

Our Guest Speakers will be representatives from the Toronto Bee Keepers’ Collective.

Refreshments will be offered as usual.

Our stock of draw prizes is sadly diminished, and this is such a popular activity that we would hate to have to reduce or even suspend the fun. If you have something that you think members would be interested in seeing in our draw please bring them to the meeting.

Below is a copy of the show schedule for the meeting;


Section A – Annuals
1. Cosmos – 1 cultivar, 3 stems.
2. Marigold – 3 stems.
3. Zinnia – 3 blooms.
4. Any Other Annual.

Section B – Perennials
5. Begonia (tuberous).
6. Clematis.
7. Echinacea – 3 stems, 1 cultivar.
8. Gladiolus – 1 spike.
9. Phlox – 3 stems.
10. Rudbeckia – 3 stems, 1 cultivar.
11. Any Other Perennial (excluding the above named).

Section C – Fruits & Vegetables
To be presented on a white plate.
12. Beans – any cultivar, 5 pods.
13. Cucumber – 1.
14. Any Other Vegetable (excluding the above named).
15. Nobody’s Perfect –a spectacularly wonky specimen of a fruit or vegetable.
16. Any Fruit or Berry.

Section D – Houseplants
17. Any Flowering Houseplant.
18. Houseplant, grown for foliage.
19. Exotic/Tropical Houseplant.

Division II – DESIGN – THEME: “Abundance”
20. “Fruits of My Labour” – design using edibles you have grown (fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc.).
21. “Riot of Colour” – showcase the colours of your garden in a vertical design.

Must have horticultural content where possible.
22. “Captured Beauty” – close up of a flower.
23. “Member’s Choice” – your favourite photo.
24. “Where My Feet Have Been This Year” – seen on a trip or outing.