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Ajax Garden Club Meeting – September 21st.

This is a quick note to remind you that we have a meeting scheduled for Thursday, September 21st at the Ajax Legion Hall, 111 Hunt St. Ajax. The doors will open at 6:45, the meeting will start promptly at 7:30. If you have items to show please be sure they are in place as soon after 7pm as possible. Judging is to begin at 7:15 sharp.

Please note: We will be meeting downstairs in the Club Room rather than our usual space. This means our regular refreshments, provided by members, will not be available, but you can certainly purchase there. We are still looking for items for the Lucky Draw Table, by the way.

Our speaker will be that perennial favourite Matthew Dressing of Natural Affinity Garden Design, and his topic: “Aeroponic Gardening…Indoors and Outdoors”

In case you don’t have your Yearbook handy here is the…

SHOW SCHEDULE : September 21 2023

Section A – Specimens, Annuals & Perennials
1.   Chrysanthemum – 1 spray
2.   Cone Flower (Echinacea/Rudbeckia) – 3 stems or sprays, any cultivar
3.   Dahlia – 1 bloom, any cultivar
4.   Ornamental Grass – 3 stems of 1 cultivar
5.   Sedum –1 stem, any cultivar
6.   Vine – 1 stem or branch, not to exceed 24″
7.   Zinnia – 3 blooms, any cultivar under 4″
8.   Zinnia – 1 stem, any cultivar over 4″
9.   Any Other Annual (excluding the above named)
10. Any Other Flowering Perennial (excluding the above named)

Section B – Shrubs
11. Barberry Bush – 1 branch, not to exceed 24″
12. Butterfly Bush – 1 branch, not to exceed 24″
13. Rose of Sharon – 1 branch, not to exceed 24″
14. Any Other Shrub (excl. the above named) – 1 branch, not to exceed 2″

Section C – Fruits & Vegetables
15. Root Vegetable – 2˗3 specimens
16. Tomato – 1 truss cherry tomatoes, 1 large specimen, 3-5 small specimens
17. Any variety of fruit or berry
18. Any other variety of vegetable (excluding named above)

Section D – Houseplants
19. Any Flowering Houseplant
20. Houseplant, grown for foliage

Division II – DESIGN: THEME: “Country Living”
21. “Pick & Plunk” – plant material picked and plunked into a container of choice. 
22. “Wine Time” – design using a wine glass.

Division III – Culinary
23. Chutney/Salsa/Pickles
24. Jam/Jelly.

Division IV – Photography
Class: (Must have horticultural content where possible)  Digital Images accepted.
25. “The Birds and the Bees”.  Include some form of wildlife.

See you there!