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Garden Club Meeting – May

The monthly meeting of the Ajax Garden Club takes place next Thursday, May 18th at The Legion Hall,  111 Hunt St., Ajax.

Doors will open at 6:45, the meeting will start promptly at 7:30.

If you have items to show please be sure they are in place as soon after 7pm as possible. Judging will begin at 7:15.

Our speaker will be Gini Sage of Durham Master Gardeners, and her topic will be “Shrubs for All Seasons”

Section A – Specimens

1. Lamium – 3 stems with flowers, max. 6”/
2. Any Other Flowering Branch of Shrub/Tree or Vine – 1 stem/branch, max. length 36”
3. Any foliage branch – 1 branch, max. length 36”
4. Bleeding Heart – 1 stem, any colour.
5. Solomon’s Seal – 1 stem.
6. Any perennial – 3 stems.

Section B – Bulbs/Corms/Rhizomes
Bulbs are shown with self foliage, except narcissus.
7. Iris – 1 spike, any variety, any colour
8. Tulips, Single – 2 stems, any colour
9. Tulips, Any Other (including double, parrot, peony etc.) – 2 stems, any colour.
10. Narcissus – 1stem
11. Any other bulb or corm.
12. Collection of Spring Flowers – 3 different species / 3 same species in one vase

Division III – DESIGN
13. “Bud and Bloom” – an arrangement showing the different stage of garden flower, including a bud and opened
14. “Tea Time” – design in a tea cup.

Exhibiting Criteria
Photos must have been taken by the exhibitor during the past 24 months.
15. “First Signs of Spring”.

The usual refreshments will be served, although I am not aware at this time who we should thank for providing them. 

Hoping to see you there,