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Garden Club Meeting, May 19th

The May Club meeting will be an in-person meeting on Thursday May 19th 

It will be in the meeting room at the Royal Canadian Legion, the room on the right at the top of the stairs.

Doors will open at 7:00 and the meeting will start at 7:30.

Tables and chairs will be set up so that  appropriate spacing can be maintained.  We will no provide refreshments but feel free to bring your own drink if you wish.t feeling crowded together.

You are asked to please wear a mask. And please stay home if you do not feel well.  

There will be a flower show.  The show classes are given below.  The point here is not to have a competition. It is to let us see some flowers!! and leaves!! from your gardens. Please bring something to include in the show.

The speaker is William Granger. And his topic is Pelargoniums. A great topic for May in Ontario!

He has a vast knowledge of horticulture based on many years of experience, including growing and hybridizing Pelargoniums and is lively and energetic speaker and was a popular teacher.
I hope to see you at this meeting!

If you have questions or concerns, please let me know just as quickly as you can.

Show Classes


  1. Flowering branch of shrub or tree
  2. Any foliage branch
  3. Bleeding Heart
  4. Solomon’s Seal
  5. Any other perennial
  6. Iris
  7. Tulip
  8. Narcissus
  9. Any other Spring Flowering Bulb/Corm/Rhizome


10. Spring Vegetable or Fruit


11. “Bud and Bloom” — an arrangement showing the different stages of a garden flower, including a bud and opened blossom

  1. “Tea Time” — a design in a tea cup