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July Garden Club Meeting – 21st July

Our next meeting will be on July the 21st.

 Our guest speaker this month is Martin Galloway; his topic is “The Alternatives: Ground Covers, Grasses & Trees.” 

Martin is the owner of Chalk Lake Greenhouses in Uxbridge – a primarily wholesale perennial nursery growing a wide range of ornamentals and native plants.  He has spoken to us before and is a wonderful speaker.

 It seems that alternative groundcover is always a popular topic on gardening groups and we hope you can join us in this meeting.

 As usual the meeting room at the Royal Canadian Legion, 111 Hunt Street, in the room on the right at the top of the stairs.

 The door will be open by 6:30.  Tables and chairs will be set up so we can maintain suitable distance.  Masks are optional but please stay home if you do not feel well.   

 There will be a show (see classes below) to allow you to show off what is growing in you garden and share plant ideas with other members.  If you are entering items in the show PLEASE have them on the table labelled with the class number and your name before 7:15 pm.



Section A – Perennials, Roses & Clematis


  1. Lily – 1 scape.
  2. Daylily – 1 scape, no foliage.
  3. Hosta Collection – 3 cultivars, 1 stem per cultivar.
  4. Any Perennial (excluding the above named) – 3 stems or sprays.
  5. Rose – 1 spray or bloom.
  6. Rose, grown for fragrance – 1 bloom.
  7. Clematis – 1 stem, any colour.

Section B – Annuals


  1. Marigold – 3 stems.
  2. Petunia – 3 sprays.
  3. Pelargonium (Geranium) – 1 stem.
  4. Any other Annual – 3 stems or sprays.

Section C – Fruits & Vegetables


  1. Any vegetable – 3-5 on a plate.
  2. Any fruit or berry – suitable number: if small fruit, 5; if large fruit, 2.

Section D – Houseplants


  1. Any flowering houseplant.
  2. Houseplant grown for foliage.

Division II – DESIGN  THEME: “Summer’s Brilliance”


  1. “Canada Day” – symmetrical design, using red and white.
  2. “Summer at the Beach” – use of a sand toy as an accessory.
  3. “Celebration” – a small bouquet.