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August Garden Club Meeting – August 18th.

Our next meeting will be next Thursday, August 18th.

Our guest speaker this month is Wayne Hingston who is presenting on Hoya. I believe he is also bringing some plants to sell.

There will be a show and the classes are listed below. Members, please remember to pick up a print copy of the show schedules from the membership desk when they renew their membership at our reduced rate. 

The door will be open by 6:30.  Tables and chairs will be set up so we can maintain suitable distance.  Masks are optional but please stay home if you do not feel well.   

If you are entering items in the show PLEASE have them on the table labelled with the class number and your name before 7:15 pm.



Section A – Annuals


  1. Zinnia – 3 blooms.
  2. Cosmos – 1 cultivar, 3 stems.
  3. Any other Annual.

Section B – Perennials


  1. Gladiolus – 1 spike.
  2. Begonia (tuberous).
  3. Phlox – 3 stems.
  4. Geranium – with foliage, 2 stems.
  5. Cone Flower – Echinacea – 3 stems.
  6. Any other Perennial (excluding the above named).

Section C – Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs

Class: (to be presented on a white plate)

  1. Beans – any cultivar, 5 pods.
  2. Cucumber – 1.
  3. Any other vegetable (excluding the above named).
  4. Collection of Cut Herbs – 3˗5 cultivars in water, named.
  5. Rhubarb – 3 stalks.
  6. Any fruit or berry.

Section D – Houseplants


  1. Any flowering houseplant.
  2. Houseplant grown for foliage.
  3. Exotic/Tropical houseplant.

Division II – Photography

Must have horticultural content where possible.


  1. ““Hanging Out” – window box or hanging basket.
  2. “Where My Feet Have Been This Year” – flowers along a walk or path.
  3. “Captured Beauty” – close up of a flower.
  4. “Member’s Choice” – your favourite photo.