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Garden Club Meeting – March 16th.

Good  morning, while it doesn’t look like Spring outside this morning under that snow there are signs of life ready to burst out – bulbs reaching out of the soil, tree buds swelling and the birds are returning to our gardens.  We hope you will venture out yourself next Thursday for our March meeting  which will include a Chili Night, presentation and show.


There will be a selection of chili dishes made by members to warm your stomach.   Our speaker will be Sherry Dodson from the Durham Master Gardeners who will speak on “Roses for Today’s World” to warm your  gardening hearts.  We will also have a small show to warm your competitive nature.


 Please join us on Thursday at 7:30 at the Ajax Legion on Hunt Street.  Doors open at 7pm and show entries should be in place by 7:15.


If you were not able to attend the first meeting in  February you can pay your membership on Thursday and get your Yearbook and membership card.





Section A – Houseplants 


  1. Houseplant—flowering grown for flower, pot not to exceed 8″ Houseplant—foliage grown for foliage, pot not to exceed 8″
  2. Any other houseplant (excluding above named) must be named



Exhibiting Criteria

Photos must have been taken by the exhibitor during the past 24 months.

  • Amateurs only—no monetary gains.
  • Prints must be in colour, unless otherwise specified.
  • Prints must not exceed 4″ x 6″.
  • Each print must be accompanied by an entry tag, specifying the class #, title, name of exhibitor, society. This information should also be printed neatly on the top right back corner of the print.
  • All prints must incorporate some horticultural content, where possible.


  1. “Animals Welcome”.
  2. “Berries and Fruit in Nature”.
  3. “Earth, Sky, Water”—landscape.
  4. “February Blues”—blue or purple theme.
  5. “Fungus Fun”—fungus, mushrooms, etc.
  6. “Garden ‘Art’”—unusual planters or artwork in garden context.
  7. “Nature in Focus”—close-up image.
  8. “Wildlife in the garden”.




  1. Cookies (3).
  2. Cupcakes—decorated (3).
  3. Muffins (3).
  4. Tarts/Squares (3).

Division IV – CRAFTS


  1. “While the Garden Was Asleep I…”  [an item you made during the Winter.  (knitting, sewing, painting etc.)]