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March 24, 2022 meeting

Our March club meeting is scheduled for March 24th.

This is to let you know that there WILL BE a club meeting this month, on Thursday March 24.  This will be an online (Zoom) meeting.

7:10 pm is Social meeting start time, the “official” start time is 7:30 pm.  Please join the meeting BEFORE 7:30 pm.

Our guest speaker will be Ginny Sage of Durham Master Gardeners.  Some of you will recall that Gini has been our speaker before.  She has a great garden background!  I will include a summary bio below.

Her topic is “Starting Plants from Seed.”
Our Photo Show Off!!
As in past meetings, you are invited, and encouraged, to send photos before the meeting, to be shown during the meeting. To be more specific we are suggesting three categories of photos, as follows:
1. Signs of Spring
2. Winter Surprises
3. Indoor Beauty.
Other horticulture-related photos that do not fit these categories are also welcome.

Please send your photos to  (It is NOT necessary to put capital letters in the address.  I include them to make the address easier to read.)

Photos can be sent this week or early next week, ie March 22 or sooner. Note that you are encouraged to send photos whether or not you will be at the meeting.


The link to the meeting will be included with the meeting reminder, on or about March 21.